Our classes are generally small ( between 4 and 8 students each, 12 maximum). Each student receives a great deal of personal attention in a caring and nurturing emvironment.






Creative Movement 
(3 - 5 yrs)
Saturday, 9:00-9:45am

This is a fun class designed both to introduce children to the joy of dance and to hone memory, listening and attention skills. Exercises focus on balance, coordination, stretching, musicality and creativity.



Intro To Dance

(4-6 years)

Saturday 10:00am - 11:00

This is an intermediary class for those students who have already had at least one year of Creative Movement or may be older and not quite ready for Pre-Ballet. This class will introduce students to varied styles of movement including Ballet, Jazz and Modern. It will emphasize rhythm, coordination, concentration, flexibility and introcue students to simple, basic steps and movements.



Pre-Ballet/Ballet 1

Saturday 11:00am - 12:00

(7-9 yrs)

Students at this level will be introduced to the basic ballet positions of the arms and legs and will begin to learn basic barre exercises including plie, releve, tendu & piques. In the center, students will begin to learn basic locomotor movements including skips, chasses, galops and glissades.



Ballet 2

(9 - 11 yrs)

Monday 5:00-6:30, Wednesday 4:30-6:00 & Saturday 12:00-1:30

Students at this level understand the basic principles of ballet technique and have good knowledge of ballet vocabulary. This class emphasizes core strength as it applies to the learning of pirouettes, big jumps, and complicated combinations of ballet steps and phrasing. It is recommended that Ballet 2 students study ballet twice a week.



Ballet 3 

(11 - 13 yrs) 

Monday 5:00-6:30, Wednesday 4:30-6:00 & Saturday 12:00-1:30

Students at this level must take a minimum of 2 classes per week. These classses require at least 3 years previous training. Longer combinations and complex vocabulary, barre work, adagio, turning, jumping, musicality and coordination will be emphasized. The understanding of technique, turn out and alignment will also be stressed.



Ballet 4

(14 + yrs)

This level may not run this year depending on enrollment. If you are interested in this level, please register as soon as possible.

Tuesday  & Thursday 4:30-6:00, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 6:00-7:30; & Sunday 10:00-11:30

Ballet 4 students should take a minimum of 4 classes per week (Intermediate and Advanced Adult classes may be taken). Students will be required to take part or all of class en pointe.


Some students will have the opportunity to perform with the Company as Company Apprentices and will be required to attend rehearsals. Ballet knowledge and skills are refined in this challelnging class as strength flexibility, speed, agility & performing skills are honed.



Boys & Girls Movement Class for Homeschoolers


This will be a fun  class for homeschooled boys & girls varying in age from 6-10. The class will consist of a series of joint-loosening warm-up exercises, core strengthening exercises, and various stretches. The second half of the class we will work on various basic dance positions, turns, movements, and combinations of movements finishing with various jumping combinations.



Adult Advanced Ballet

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 6:00-7:30, Sunday 10:00-11:30

Students work alongside Boston Dance Company members in this open company class. Classes are thorough and challenging and require much discipline. These classes push the dancers to their fullest potential. Great strength and stamina are built through intricate musicality. Both classical and contemporary ballet vocabulary are utilized.